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By Henry Slomowitz, D.P.M.
January 16, 2017

You understand how to care for your children's teeth, what they need to eat to grow properly and know exactly what to do when they children's foot healthcatch a cold. Knowing how to care for their feet is also an important part of maintaining their overall health, especially considering how active children can be. Dr. Henry Slomowitz, your pediatric podiatrist in Paramus and Paterson, New Jersey, also serving the Hackensack area, has the information you need to keep your kids' feet healthy throughout their childhood.

For babies

It's important to keep a baby's feet uncovered and unrestricted by tight footwear in order to promote proper growth. The kicking motions that babies perform help prepare them for walking, so your Paramus, Paterson and Hackensack pediatric podiatrist suggests letting your baby move freely to keep them on track. There are even activity mats that help encourage a baby to work those muscles.

For toddlers

New walkers still need the freedom to move their developing foot muscles, so Dr. Slomowitz recommends letting your toddler go barefoot indoors. It's also imperative at this stage to choose quality footwear, so that when your little one is wearing shoes, they're supporting his or her feet in the right places. Your pediatric podiatrist in Paramus, Paterson and Hackensack, New Jersey, can give you an idea of the best brands available to you. At this age, it's also important to let your physician know if you notice your child consistently walking on the toes after the age of two. This habit warrants an evaluation to determine if there is an underlying cause.

For all kids

Practicing good foot hygiene is an important habit to teach your children from an early age. Trim the toenails straight across to avoid any ingrowth, and make sure to keep kids' feet clean and dry, especially if they participate in sports like swimming or gymnastics, where they are constantly barefoot. Covering injuries like blisters or cuts is also necessary to prevent bacterial infections.

If you have any further question regarding your children's foot health, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Henry Slomowitz, your Paramus, Paterson and Hackensack pediatric podiatrist, please give our office a call! Keeping your children comfortable while on-the-go is our priority!

December 02, 2015
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Foot health is something that many people may not think of first and foremost, but it is an important thing to consider. This is especially true of people who are prone to foot problems and to children who are growing and developing at a rather rapid rate throughout the entirety of their childhood. Foot problems and deformities can easily be treated if they are caught early on, and our Paramus kid’s podiatrist Henry Slomowitz DPM can help. With routine exams and screenings, as well as urgent care in the event that you think something is wrong, then Dr. Slomowitz can easily provide your kids with the foot care that they need.

There are plenty of foot conditions and deformities that may befall children while they are growing and changing. Babies grow at a very quick rate and a lot can change. If a child develops any kind of deformity or other problem, many of them can be corrected or fixed if they are diagnosed early on and provided with the proper treatment. Some issues that may occur in children include flatfeet, toe walking, pigeon toeing, bow legs or knock knees. Some of these conditions may be totally fine, such as flatfeet, but if they pose any pain or other problems then treatment can be administered in order to resolve the issue and promote proper growth. Some conditions can be treated with the use of physical therapy, shoe inserts or orthotics whereas some other conditions may involve braces, splints, or even surgery in the more severe cases. If your child is exhibiting any unusual walking behavior or complains of any pain, then you should visit our
Paramus kid’s podiatrist Henry Slomowitz DPM as soon as you can.

The sooner a foot ailment is identified, the sooner it can be effectively diagnosed and properly treated. It is important that you pay attention to your child’s behavior, how they carry themselves and to heed any complaints that they may have about pain or discomfort of any kind. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, even if you are not sure what the cause is or have any other doubts, it is always best to get the opinion of a professional. If you need a
Paramus kid’s podiatrist then Henry Slomowitz DPM is here to provide you and your children with the help that you need.

By contactus
May 25, 2012
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A very distressing sight in a baby is when the side of a toenail is red and swollen. Added to that is that the nail appears to be ingrown.  I see this most often at 6 weeks of age. Many times the parent has already taken the baby to the pediatrician and oral antibiotics hav been started. The worry begins when the problem does not get better or starts again after the antibiotics have run out. Most of the time I train the parents on how to apply a topical antibiotic and pull the skin away. Occasionally I need to trim the corner as well. Either way the parents are then instructed on how to prevent this problem in the future.

It happens all the time with children. They are playing a sport or just running around with their friends. An ankle twists and the child goes down in pain. The ankle may swell, become black and blue. The common symptom is pain mostly on the outside part of the ankle. An x-ray is taken and there is no fracture seen, and your child is diagnosed with an ankle sprain. Or is it? Growing children have a growth plate in the outside part of the ankle. Sometimes this plate shifts ever so slightly and causes significant pain. This pain is from a fracture not from a sprain ! Make sure when your child is diagnosed with a sprain, that is not a growth plate fracture called a Salter Harris fracture.

April 24, 2012
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 Just like the cold virus makes you sneeze, warts are skin manifestations of a virus. Most people come to the office thinking that there is a splinter on the bottom of the foot. Did you know that plantar wart just means a wart on the bottom (plantar) aspect of the foot. There is no single treatment that works on all people. Various methods include: topical medicine, oral medicine, injected medicine, laser, freezing as well as surgical removal. What determines which method is used is the age of the patient, location, size, depth, medical history, length of time of lesion as well as other factors. Our office offers many different types of treatments to accommodate everyones needs.


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“Dr Slomowitz diagnosed an issue with my son's ankle alignment, even after his pediatrician told us it was nothing to worry about. Always trust your guts parents! He explained everything to us in easy to understand terms and made our toddler feel comfortable. Highly recommend.”
- M.B.

“I took my daughter to see Dr. Slomowitz for a plantar wart. He was very gentle and relaxed, which put my daughter at ease. He also has started treatment with the least invasive option, which as a mother I appreciated!”
- C.K.

“Today my son had his first appointment with Dr. Slomowitz and it went well and smooth felt confident...been to other doctors for my son's condition and no result like the one we got today I thank his pediatrician that referred us to him awesome doc!!!!!”
- L.A.

The doctor is very nice and professional. He knows how to talk to children in a good way. He is also very humorous and very intelligent. I would definitely recommend going there if you have a foot problem. Good luck and thank you for treating my daughter so well Dr.Slomowitz.
- K.M.

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