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December 01, 2016
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Dr. Solomowitz uses the most up-to-date methods for addressing your foot problems, and that includes laser treatment. Our podiatrist is committed to safe and effective solutions without having to resort to surgery, which may lead to consequences and complications like bleeding, suturing, and longer recovery times. So if you have toenail fungus, turn to us for treatment that will have you healed and back to normal as quickly as possible. 

The effects of toenail fungus are both practical and cosmetic. It can put you at risk for an infection, and the splitting, cracking, yellowing, and other aesthetic impact can make you feel self-conscious about how your feet look. You should not ignore the problem, as it is unlikely to heal on its own. In mild cases, topical or oral medication may be sufficient to relieve it. But in more moderate or severe instances, our laser toenail fungus treatment in Hackensack will be the most efficient solution. It only takes about 15 minutes and you will remain comfortable throughout. It is a pain free procedure, with only a warming sensation in your toes that you will notice. That means it's working. We know that our patients like you have busy schedules and that's why we are pleased to offer our laser toenail fungus treatment in Hackensack. The best news of all is that toenail fungus is usually eliminated completely with this method. Multiple sessions are generally required. Our podiatrist will let you know what to expect based on your individual situation, but the average is about five. You won't have to worry about any side-effects from this treatment. And you can expect to walk again right away. It takes about four to six weeks for your nails to regain their normal appearance, and full regrowth takes several months. 

Our laser toenail fungus treatment in Hackensack is the state-of-the-art way to handle fungal issues that have affected your toes. Schedule your first session with us by calling now. 


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“Dr Slomowitz diagnosed an issue with my son's ankle alignment, even after his pediatrician told us it was nothing to worry about. Always trust your guts parents! He explained everything to us in easy to understand terms and made our toddler feel comfortable. Highly recommend.”
- M.B.

“I took my daughter to see Dr. Slomowitz for a plantar wart. He was very gentle and relaxed, which put my daughter at ease. He also has started treatment with the least invasive option, which as a mother I appreciated!”
- C.K.

“Today my son had his first appointment with Dr. Slomowitz and it went well and smooth felt confident...been to other doctors for my son's condition and no result like the one we got today I thank his pediatrician that referred us to him awesome doc!!!!!”
- L.A.

The doctor is very nice and professional. He knows how to talk to children in a good way. He is also very humorous and very intelligent. I would definitely recommend going there if you have a foot problem. Good luck and thank you for treating my daughter so well Dr.Slomowitz.
- K.M.

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