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January 24, 2017
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Heel pain is one of the most common reasons that patients come in to see our podiatrist at our practice, Henry Slomowitz DPM. Our expert foot doctor, Dr. Henry Slomowitz, offers complete heel pain treatment in Passaic.

When a patient comes to our podiatry practice for heel pain treatment in Passaic, our podiatrist will first thoroughly diagnose the cause of the heel pain. Heel pain can be caused by a variety of situations, and treatment will depend on the underlying cause of the heel pain. One of the most common complaints associated with heel pain is that patients have pain when they first get up in the morning. This heel pain often gets worse toward the end of the day. Sometimes these patients will have a heel spur, which can easily be seen on an x-ray. However, many people experience heel pain without having a heel spur. If an x-ray does not reveal a heel spur, our doctor will generally order a sonogram of the heel to see if there is an inflamed ligament that attaches to the heel. This is a common cause of heel pain; the ligament is called the plantar fascia. When this ligament is inflamed, the diagnosis is plantar fasciitis, which is an extremely common diagnosis found in patients with heel pain. The plantar fascia goes from the base of the toes to the area where it attaches to the heel bone. Plantar fasciitis can also cause tightness in the back of the leg, as well as walking gait problems. This type of problem is generally treated with non-surgical methods which can include: anti-inflammatory medication; icepacks; stretching exercises; injection therapy; prescribed orthotic devices; and physical therapy. Electro Shock Wave Therapy can be provided at our office, as well. This is a painless procedure that often works well when other treatments have failed.

For an appointment to see our podiatrist for heel pain treatment in Passaic, contact us today.

By Henry Slomowitz, D.P.M.
January 16, 2017

You understand how to care for your children's teeth, what they need to eat to grow properly and know exactly what to do when they children's foot healthcatch a cold. Knowing how to care for their feet is also an important part of maintaining their overall health, especially considering how active children can be. Dr. Henry Slomowitz, your pediatric podiatrist in Paramus and Paterson, New Jersey, also serving the Hackensack area, has the information you need to keep your kids' feet healthy throughout their childhood.

For babies

It's important to keep a baby's feet uncovered and unrestricted by tight footwear in order to promote proper growth. The kicking motions that babies perform help prepare them for walking, so your Paramus, Paterson and Hackensack pediatric podiatrist suggests letting your baby move freely to keep them on track. There are even activity mats that help encourage a baby to work those muscles.

For toddlers

New walkers still need the freedom to move their developing foot muscles, so Dr. Slomowitz recommends letting your toddler go barefoot indoors. It's also imperative at this stage to choose quality footwear, so that when your little one is wearing shoes, they're supporting his or her feet in the right places. Your pediatric podiatrist in Paramus, Paterson and Hackensack, New Jersey, can give you an idea of the best brands available to you. At this age, it's also important to let your physician know if you notice your child consistently walking on the toes after the age of two. This habit warrants an evaluation to determine if there is an underlying cause.

For all kids

Practicing good foot hygiene is an important habit to teach your children from an early age. Trim the toenails straight across to avoid any ingrowth, and make sure to keep kids' feet clean and dry, especially if they participate in sports like swimming or gymnastics, where they are constantly barefoot. Covering injuries like blisters or cuts is also necessary to prevent bacterial infections.

If you have any further question regarding your children's foot health, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Henry Slomowitz, your Paramus, Paterson and Hackensack pediatric podiatrist, please give our office a call! Keeping your children comfortable while on-the-go is our priority!

January 02, 2017
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Are you seeking a Paramus podiatrist to treat your athlete’s foot? Look no further than the practice of Henry Slomowitz, DPM!

At the office of Henry Slomowitz, we’re proud to say we’ve been serving the Passaic and Bergen Communities with elite foot and ankle services for over thirty years. Our practice’s success has been built on very simple principles; maintaining a genuinely caring and highly-trained staff, obtaining state-of-the-art technology, understanding cutting edge medical techniques, and creating an environment where patients feel comfortable and respected are all paramount to running a practice that upholds the health of its community. We provide a wide range of services for patients of all ages, including Achilles tendon treatment, ankle instability, ankle sprains, arthritic foot & ankle care, athlete’s foot, bunions, calluses, corns, fractures, diabetic foot treatment, flat feet treatment, fungal nails treatment, geriatric footcare, hammertoes treatment, heel spurs treatment, ingrown toenails treatment, injuries therapy, neuromas, plantar fasciitis, and warts treatment. Whatever your issue, chances are that a visit to our office will pair you with a Paramus podiatrist that can discuss your possible solutions. In other words, if you’re looking for someone to treat your Athlete’s Foot, you’ve come to the right place! Athlete’s Foot is a skin disease that is generally caused by the built up of fungus between the toes. The fungus is able to grow in your feet because shoes tend to create a warm, dark, and humid environment that’s perfect for fungus growth. Athletes commonly get athlete’s foot not only because of their tendency to participate in physical exercise while wearing shoes but also because the same fungus thrives around swimming pools, showers, locker rooms, and other places where athletes tend to spend time.

So don’t resign to the discomfort of athlete’s foot. Call Dr. Henry Slomowitz, DPM and meet with your local Paramus podiatrist today!



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“Dr Slomowitz diagnosed an issue with my son's ankle alignment, even after his pediatrician told us it was nothing to worry about. Always trust your guts parents! He explained everything to us in easy to understand terms and made our toddler feel comfortable. Highly recommend.”
- M.B.

“I took my daughter to see Dr. Slomowitz for a plantar wart. He was very gentle and relaxed, which put my daughter at ease. He also has started treatment with the least invasive option, which as a mother I appreciated!”
- C.K.

“Today my son had his first appointment with Dr. Slomowitz and it went well and smooth felt confident...been to other doctors for my son's condition and no result like the one we got today I thank his pediatrician that referred us to him awesome doc!!!!!”
- L.A.

The doctor is very nice and professional. He knows how to talk to children in a good way. He is also very humorous and very intelligent. I would definitely recommend going there if you have a foot problem. Good luck and thank you for treating my daughter so well Dr.Slomowitz.
- K.M.

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