October 19, 2017
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Continuing to put pressure on a sprained ankle, without the care of a specialist like our foot doctor in Totowa NJ, can lead you to a situation that is far worse and will take considerably longer to heal. The correct action to take when you have an ankle sprain is to turn to us at the office of Henry Slomowitz DPM, for diagnosis and treatment.


Ankle sprains are one of the most common problems that can happen in or around your foot. However, what appear to be sprains may not always be.  Sprains affect ligaments, while muscle strains in the same area can produce similar discomfort. The same is true of a hairline fracture of the bone,which if not tended to in a timely manner by our foot doctor in Totowa NJ, can result in a full fracture, which will mean a completely different treatment approach, and quite possibly a more protracted recovery. It's a simple matter to consult with our foot doctor in Totowa NJ for a thorough examination and x-rays so that the diagnosis is 100% accurate. If you do have a sprain, and it is mild to moderate, the RICE method will often be the most effective. This stands for rest (staying off it), ice, compression (wrapping it), and elevation (having the ankle raised above head level for a period of time each day; typically two to three hours). Depending on the severity of your situation, you might require the assistance of crutches or a walker to ensure that you do not put pressure on the ankle. Only if there is a significant tear to the ligament would surgery be an option, so the good news is that non-invasive methods will be the correct method for most people.


Pick up the phone and call us when you think you have sprained your ankle. The more quickly you do, the better the odds that you will be back on your feet and free of pain quickly.


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“Dr Slomowitz diagnosed an issue with my son's ankle alignment, even after his pediatrician told us it was nothing to worry about. Always trust your guts parents! He explained everything to us in easy to understand terms and made our toddler feel comfortable. Highly recommend.”
- M.B.

“I took my daughter to see Dr. Slomowitz for a plantar wart. He was very gentle and relaxed, which put my daughter at ease. He also has started treatment with the least invasive option, which as a mother I appreciated!”
- C.K.

“Today my son had his first appointment with Dr. Slomowitz and it went well and smooth felt confident...been to other doctors for my son's condition and no result like the one we got today I thank his pediatrician that referred us to him awesome doc!!!!!”
- L.A.

The doctor is very nice and professional. He knows how to talk to children in a good way. He is also very humorous and very intelligent. I would definitely recommend going there if you have a foot problem. Good luck and thank you for treating my daughter so well Dr.Slomowitz.
- K.M.

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