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By Henry Slomowitz DPM
July 24, 2018
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Hammertoes are caused by toes bending inward at the middle joint, causing a bone deformity that looks like a hammer. Hammertoes hammertoestypically involve a second, third, or fourth toe. Once the middle joint is bent, the toe becomes unable to straighten out, causing the permanent bone deformity. The good news is, hammertoes can be prevented and treated.

Dr. Henry Slomowitz wants to share the facts about hammertoes. He has two convenient office locations in Paterson, and Paramus, New Jersey, serving residents of Ridgewood and Hackensack areas.

One of the main causes of hammertoes is wearing tight, narrow shoes that crowd and crush toes, causing toes to bend inward and the toe joint to thrust outward. Muscle or tendon problems in feet can also cause hammertoes.

A hammertoe has a uniquely hammer-like shape and can lead to corns and calluses forming at the top of a toe’s middle joint. The corns and calluses form due to the continual rubbing of toes against the inside of shoes. Hammertoes can lead to difficulty walking, foot pain, and problems wearing shoes.

There are several tips you can try to prevent and treat hammertoes including:

  • Wearing comfortable shoes with adequate toe room
  • Exercising and stretching toes and feet
  • Taking anti-inflammatory medication to prevent swelling
  • Wearing cushions or pads inside shoes

Hammertoes are best treated by a skilled podiatrist. Dr. Slomowitz may suggest several effective options to treat hammertoes including:

  • Toe splints to correctly realign the toe joint
  • Custom-fit orthotics to correct a muscle or tendon imbalance
  • Corticosteroid injections to decrease inflammation, swelling, and pain
  • For severe cases of hammertoe, surgery may be indicated to eliminate the deformity and promote correct toe alignment.

Hammertoe can affect the ability to walk and wear shoes. The good news is there is help and relief from hammertoes. Just pick up the phone and call Dr. Henry Slomowitz, with offices in Paterson, and Paramus, New Jersey, serving residents of Ridgewood and Hackensack areas. Call today!


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