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By Henry Slomowitz DPM
August 28, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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Warts can be more than just minor annoyances when they pop up on your feet. In fact, when the skin growths form on the sole of your foot, wartwalking can become very painful. Ridgewood, NJ, area foot doctor, Dr. Henry Slomowitz, who has offices in Paterson and Paramus, NJ, discusses warts and explains treatment options.

Why do I have a wart?

Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), which can spread very easily. You can catch the virus through direct skin-to-skin contact, but may also be exposed to it if your friend scratches a wart and touches you, or you come in contact with a contaminated surface or object. The virus enters your body through small breaks, scratches or cuts in your skin. Once inside, it triggers the rapid growth of skin cells, causing a bumpy wart to form on your skin.

Warts can occur anywhere on your body, including the top of your foot. Some warts eventually go away without any treatment, but others can linger and may grow very large. Warts that form on the soles of your foot are called plantar warts. Although warts that form on the top of your foot are often bumpy, plantar warts are flatter and rounder. Most warts are a minor annoyance, but plantar warts can cause pain with every step you take.

How are warts treated?

Over-the-counter wart medications can be helpful in some cases. Unfortunately, these products don't always get rid of warts and may even damage healthy skin surrounding the wart. Plantar warts can be removed with prescription medications and ointments or laser surgery. When you visit our Ridgewood area offices in Paterson or Paramus, we'll examine your warts and recommend the best course of treatment.

How can I avoid warts in the future?

Since the virus that causes warts is very contagious, you can decrease your chances of developing a wart by wearing shoes in public areas, such as locker rooms and pool areas. Socks and shoes can trap moisture, providing the perfect environment for the virus to thrive. Change both your socks and shoes daily, and don't share shoes or socks with other people.

A visit to the foot doctor can help you finally get rid of your wart. If you live in the Ridgewood, NJ, area, make an appointment with Dr. Slomowitz by calling (973) 684-1011 for the Patterson office and (201) 599-9255 for the Paramus office.


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