Our Staff


Idamaris is our Operations Manager and oversees all day-to-day flow to ensure smooth coordination with patients and staff. Whether it’s surgical booking, general patient needs, or even community engagement, Idamaris keeps the office positive, responsive, and efficient!


Suly is our front office welcoming committee! She will guide you through filling out the office forms with a smile! When it comes to making appointments she will always try her best to find a time that is convenient for you.

Sandy, Gladys, and Olga

Sandy, Gladys, and Olga are very caring and experienced podiatry assistants trained in all aspects of patient care. They are crucial to the superb patient experience in the rooms, helping patients feel welcome and comfortable. Our rooms are clean, well stocked, and prepared with instruments and supplies thanks to them!


Lisa is our office manager and our problem solver. If you have a question or problem, please feel free to ask her for help. She has a thorough knowledge of the office policies and should be able to help you.