Pediatric Treatment in Paterson & ParamusPediatric foot conditions often go unnoticed and are often misdiagnosed.
Most doctors dismiss any pediatric foot issues as being a part of normal structural development that children will eventually outgrow. However, foot problems are often prevalent in children due to their high levels of physical activity. Children are resilient, meaning that any potential foot issues may be overlooked.

It is crucial to send your child to an experienced, pediatric podiatrist, in order to treat the problem at its early stages. If your child continues to grow leaving any potential foot conditions untreated, more serious conditions could develop.

To recognize any abnormal pediatric foot developments, we will examine your child’s foot, ankles and legs, and inquire about any symptoms such as pain, tiredness as well as asking to be carried excessively.

Initial analysis options for pediatric foot deformities, injuries or walking problems include a thorough history including birthing. Discussions of timing of first speech, and walking, as well as any learning disabilities are an important part of the history. An exam that spans, skin, neurologic, range of motion of joints, as well as foot ankle and leg position as well as gait will be performed. X-rays, diagnostic ultrasound (no radiation) might also be used.

Whether your child has a problem with warts, ingrown nails, intoe, flatfoot, heel pain or the other myriad problems seen in children, we will conduct a thorough examination to pinpoint the problem, while educating both you and your child on future preventative measures. Our goal is for your child to grow up with happy, healthy, and functioning feet.

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